Highrock’s Black Theology course explores how the faith experiences of Black Americans open up distinct ways of reading Scripture, shed light on the gospel’s liberating power, and model the importance of social engagement for all Christians. Central to this class is the theological claim that the faith of Black Americans is a gift to the whole church. 

Black Theology is a great course for anyone who wants to become better equipped at relating their faith to everyday life and the prophetic call to solidarity and the ongoing work of God’s justice. In short, this class is not only about learning, but an invitation to transformation and encounter with the living God. 

This course is offered annually at Highrock. However, the discussion guide and videos are freely available to small groups or individuals to use at any time. Reach out with any questions to Scott Rice at scottr@highrock.org

Watch the introductory video!

What to Expect

The Black Theology course meets for six weeks for about an hour and a half each week. Participants will watch a video ahead of meeting in small groups. Interested in taking the next course? Contact Scott Rice at scottr@highrock.org

Course Materials

Below find the course discussion guide and accompanying videos.


These videos may be watched in order as you take the course, or may be viewed individually to learn more about a topic of personal interest. Alternatively, all videos may be watched in sequence via the Black Theology playlist on YouTube. 

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