Christian Essentials

What do Christians believe about God, Jesus, and the Bible?

And why does it matter?

Christian Essentials is a Highrock tailored course that considers the basic beliefs and practices of the Christian faith. In this discussion course (on Zoom) we consider the essentials of Christian faith by looking at the Bible as God's story, on one hand, and, on the other, how God's story and our stories come together around the person of Jesus Christ. This class is uniquely situated as a place for those with questions and who are exploring Christianity, as well as for those who identify as followers of Jesus looking for refreshers on questions like: Who is Jesus, and what does he mean for us today? What is Scripture? And how do we understand it - with all of its different parts, figures, and plot twists - to hang together and form a single story—God's story? 

Each session includes a time of instruction on a section of the Bible, a key Christian belief, or a Christian practice, followed by a time of discussion. While designed for those exploring the Christian faith and those looking to get reacquainted with the basics of Christianity, this class is open to any and all who are interested.

Christian Essentials is a perquisite for adults who plan either to be confirmed or baptized at Highrock. 

Questions? Please reach out to group leader and Resident Theologian, Scott Rice at

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