Curiosity Encouraged

Theology Lab is a discussion group at Highrock based on the motto of 'faith seeking understanding.' The word Lab indicates a posture, a way of doing theology that emphasizes the exploratory and communal nature of faith. In this group we take a fresh look at theological questions that lie at the heart of faith: Who is God? How should we read the Bible? Why does God allow suffering? This group values diverse experiences and seeks to learn from different perspectives as we examine our common faith together. No theological background is needed; curiosity encouraged. 

Happening Now

In spring 2020 Theology Lab continues to look at the relation between faith and race through the work of Lisa M. Bowens and M. Shawn Copeland. Dr. Bowens will join us for an online discussion of her new book, African American Readings of Paul, in April and Dr. Copeland visits us in May to share about her work, Knowing Christ Crucified!  

Discussion Groups

Theology Lab meets throughout the year. A large group gathering over Zoom, with discussions in small breakout groups, is offered in the summer and fall. Smaller sized, short-term reading groups – Theology Labs – on an array of topics are happening all the time. These groups help facilitate intimate community focused on learning and discipleship. They include a reading group looking at Bonhoeffer's lectures on the person of Jesus and the transformative nature of God's presence. 

Questions? E-mail our Resident Theologian and group leader, Scott Rice, at

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April 20 at 8:00 pm EDT
May 18 at 8:00 pm EDT