Theology Lab is back and this time we'll be tackling a subject that has both united and divided people in our nation: American Evangelicalism.

Speaker Schedule 2023

January 22nd: Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Walter Kim
February 19th: Kathy Khang & Dan Stringer
March 12th: David Brooks & Jim Wallis
April 23th: Beth Allison Barr & Kellie Carter Jackson
May 7th: The future of evangelicalism, Guests TBD

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Where Curiosity is Encouraged!

Theology Lab is a discussion group at Highrock based on the motto of ‘faith seeking understanding'. The word Lab indicates our posture, a way of doing theology that emphasizes the exploratory and communal nature of faith. In this group we take a fresh look at theological questions that lie at the heart of faith: Who is God? How should we read the Bible? Why does God allow suffering? This group values diverse experiences and seeks to learn from different perspectives as we examine our common faith together. No theological background is needed; curiosity encouraged!

What We Do

Theology Lab meets three times in both the fall and spring. Each meeting consists of a large group gathering over Zoom with discussions in small breakout groups. We regularly host authors and scholars for conversations on their work as it relates to the life of the church. Registration is required, so stay tuned!

Join us on Facebook! Our Facebook page is full of lively conversation about theology, faith, and life. This is a great place to generate discussion on topics that are important to you and learn from the perspectives of others. 

Hear from a Participant

Listen as Grace shares how the Asian American Theology Lab impacted her life and faith.

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