High School Youth

Highrock’s High School Youth Group comprises adolescents who are rising 9th graders through 12th graders (about 14 years old through 17 years old). The high school years can be both turbulent and formative, and our desire is to see students grow in their personal and communal relationships with God, the church, and one another in the midst of all the challenges and changes that these years bring. Our ministry philosophy is rooted in the idea that a Small Group is a place where authentic community is built, fun games take place, and discipleship is the priority.

High School Small Groups meet during the school year and are led by Small Group leaders who help students mature in their faith, take ownership of it, and share the gospel with those around them. Meeting times vary, as we are sensitive to the reality of a high school student's busyness and other commitments. For the full schedule of activities, Small Group meeting times, or any other questions, please email Pastor Deandre at deandred@highrock.org

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