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Middle School Ministry

The middle school years are full of excitement and change as students transition from being "kids" to "youth." It is a time of personal discovery, crisis, increased social and self-awareness, and a journey of discovering how to relate to God and others. The Middle School Community welcomes all students in 6th - 8th grade, their parents/guardians, and their Small Group leaders to walk through this pivotal time together.

Our Philosophy

The Middle School Community is committed to living out Highrock’s strategy of connecting personally to God, God’s people, and God’s purposes. Each week middle school students are invited to connect to God through worship, spiritual disciplines, and Christ-centered teaching. Students are encouraged to connect to God’s people by having fun together and experiencing life-giving relationships with each other. Finally, we empower students to connect to God’s purposes by giving them age-appropriate opportunities to use their unique gifts to serve the Church, their peers, their communities, and the world!

Read more about Highrock's Middle School ministry philosophy below or view the printer-friendly version.

Online Community

For Middle School Online, we offer virtual forums for middle school students and parents/guardians on various topics such as mental health, sexuality, technology, spiritual conversations with your teens, and more throughout the year using Facebook or YouTube Live. Check back for updates.

Parents are invited to join our Facebook Community to connect with one another through dialogue, explore relevant and helpful content, and engage in discipleship together as a community of parents. 

Not what you’re looking for? Our Middle School online community is transitioning back to in-person Middle School programming at various Highrock churches. Find a Highrock church near you.

Parent Partnership

Parents/Guardians play a vital role! And at Highrock we are committed to supporting you, too. We partner with parents/guardians through our Milestones program. At each of your child’s key transitions and spiritual milestones, we offer resources, instruction, and support in raising a Jesus-loving generation.

For families with students experiencing disability, we encourage you to explore Highrock Online's AccessAbility Community Group, which is dedicated to including and supporting those experiencing disability and their families in the full life of the church.

Parents/Guardians, as your child(ren)'s biggest influence, you are encouraged to follow along with what your middle schoolers are learning: continue those conversations at home, encourage your middle schoolers in their discipleship journey, and share your own faith journey with them so that you can grow together. 

Want to Know More?

Have questions or want to get involved? Contact Middle School Pastor Michael Taber at michael@highrock.org

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