There may be uncertainty about many things as we enter the Fall, but one thing is for sure…MomsRock will meet this year and we have some amazing studies, guest speakers, fantastic Small Group leaders, and YOU!!! 

Virtual Small Groups = Flexible Meeting Times

Virtual groups will be offered five days of the week - with different groups meeting in the morning, afternoon or evening. In the registration form, select the time that works best for you. (Interested in meeting in-person instead of online? Check out the Highrock Arlington or Highrock MetroWest websites for details about in-person meetings in the Boston metro area.) 

Small Groups begin the week of September 13th and will run through the week of May 16th, excluding school holidays. There is a registration fee of $80 for the entire course and financial assistance is available. (Please note, if you are joining part-way through the year, the course fee is reduced.)

In-Depth Teachings

Each MomsRock member will watch the curriculum video before the day of their Small Group meeting, in their own home. Workbooks will be provided to accompany the short video teaching. We are so excited about the variety and depth of the teaching we will have this year! A few of the teachings included in our studies are…

​So, What are you Waiting For? 

Whether you have a newborn or are ushering kids off to college, MomsRock is a great place to make connections, grow in your faith, and share the challenges and the celebrations of parenting. We can’t wait to journey with you this year!

Any questions? Feel free to email MomsRock Leader Michelle Swaim at
If you need financial assistance for registration, please contact Akari at


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