Parenting is both a joy-filled and jarring journey. We want to come alongside you in partnership to help you and your children grow through the highs and lows. We believe God has called us, together as the church, to raise a Jesus-loving generation. Along with our programs for kids and teens, we want to resource you well at home too. Below you’ll find materials for growing with your child as they grow in their faith. We think parents are awesome and we want to cheer you on and equip you well for this incredible calling! 


This program created by Pastor Brian walks parents through key spiritual milestones for their children, from cradle to college.

For Parents of Tweens, Teens & Young Adults

Starting in about fourth grade, a child's capacity to understand faith and wrestle with big questions really begins to take off! These resources are designed specifically to help parents connect with their tweens, teens, and young adults.

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