Lent Family Experience: 2022

Highrock’s Lenten sermon series Drink will walk through the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (John 4), focusing on the living water Jesus wanted to offer her. The series is called Drink and it is our hope that the Lent Family Experience will help you tap into Jesus’ well of living water at home with your family this Lent!

The Lent Family Experience

The Lent Family Experience is designed to help you and your children celebrate and engage with the themes of Lent throughout the season. Similar to an advent calendar at Christmas, the Lent Family Experience aims to make your family’s celebration of Easter richer because you have spent the preceding 40 days preparing for its arrival, beginning with Ash Wednesday. The daily prompts serve to facilitate spiritual conversations and foster spiritual growth through the introduction of spiritual practices. Moreover, the prompts are simple and can be adapted for young children through teenagers. Although the Lent Family Experience provides prompts for every day during Lent, we realize that may not be achievable for every family - don’t be discouraged! Even participating four days a week will allow you to try each practice once a week, which is great! 

Spiritual Practices with Kids

Spiritual Practices

Each week offers the opportunity to engage in four spiritual practices that have nourished Christians for centuries - Gratitude, Confession, Silence, and Celebration. You can use these traditional names for them, or put them in kid-friendly language: Thank you, I’m sorry, I’m listening, and Mini-Easters.


Daily Prompts (With Dates)

Below find daily prompts to celebrate Lent with your family this season.
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