Maundy Thursday Liturgy 2022


Welcome to Maundy Thursday with Highrock. Maundy Thursday is the celebration by the Christian Church of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. At our church, we remember this every week at Communion - the taking of bread and wine symbolizing Christ’s body given and blood shed for us on the cross. At his last supper, Jesus was gathered with his disciples to celebrate the Jewish holy day of Passover, which is the remembrance of God’s great act of love to save God’s people from death and slavery in Egypt. It is within this context that Jesus embodies this love again - not for one people or one time, but for all people, for all time. The freely given, sacrificial love in his death on the cross the following day (remembered as Good Friday) has caused Christians to recognize this day and this meal in a distinct way from the Passover ever since.


Sharing the Meal

May the four courses of this meal ready us all to participate with Jesus in loving others freely.

Appetizer Eaten in Haste
Main Dish Shared in Joy
Communion Served in Love
Dessert Enjoyed in Gratitude