Hidden No More: Illuminating the Stories of Asian Americans

Jan 3, 2023

Hidden No More is a new and original eight-session course that illuminates how Asian Americans are authors of both their own stories and the broader American story. We’ll witness how the experiences of Asian immigrants, exiles, and refugees have been shaped by U.S. global policies across time and identify the unique pressures and presumptions placed upon Asians once here - as not really American, frequently invisible, sometimes a “model," but often threatening. We'll focus primarily on events since the 1960s, as mass Asian immigration and the post-9/11 U.S. War on Terror have significantly reshaped Asian American demographics and place in society. Throughout the whole course, we’ll explore the very idea of “Asian America” as a movement for equality and solidarity with other people of color.  This course is open to people of all racial identities. Whether you're an Asian American or a non-Asian ally, we invite you to journey through the history of Asian America together.

Course Logistics

Each week, participants watch one video on their own and then gather in discussion groups to debrief.
Highrock Online will host an online discussion group via Zoom on Thursday nights for eight sessions beginning February 2nd, 2023.
The course materials and videos will be available to participants from Sunday, January 29th through the week of Sunday, March 26th.

Group Options

Upon registration, sign up for your preference:

  • Thursday nights on Zoom from 7:45-9:00pm ET (Hosted by Greg Hsu; first meeting on February 2nd, 2023)
  • Self-organized group that meets weekly at a mutually agreed-upon time

Cost & Scholarships

The cost of this course is $100 and scholarships are available. In addition, a special rate is available for Highrock small groups taking the course together. If you need a scholarship or special rate, please contact Greg Hsu at gregh@highrock.org before registering for the class.


Need more information? Contact Greg Hsu at gregh@highrock.org

Note: Hidden No More is an original course created by the Highrock Network. It features lecturers from diverse backgrounds with expertise in the material and the content is not specifically faith-based.