Winter Sermon Series - What's New?

Dec 22, 2022

Happy New Year! But... what's really new about it? Is 2023 that different from 2022? For many of us, we might still be experiencing the same struggles, same fears, same conflicts, and same disappointments. We feel stuck in sameness. But it doesn't have to be that way! Beginning January 8th, you are invited to explore the Gospel of Mark with us for seven weeks. We'll consider how Jesus makes things new- things that could be new for us if we embrace them in new ways! A new life that brings us beyond the same old stuff. So, what could be new for you this year? Join us and find out!

Sermon Schedule*

January 8th: New Kind of Kingdom (Mark 1:1-15) - Walt Quick
January 15th: New Kind of Rest (Mark 2:23-3:6) - Dave Swaim
January 22nd: New Kind of Family (Mark 3:20-35) - Meghan DeJong
January 29th: New Kind of Growth (Mark 4:1-20) - Abby Rice (Highrock Online only)
February 5th: New Kind of Priorities (Mark 5:21-43) - John Mury
February 12th: New Kind of Mission (Mark 6:1-12) - Dani Kilgore
February 19th: New Kind of Holy (Mark 7:1-23) - Meghan DeJong

Join a Small Group 

Discuss what you're learning with others as we consider how Jesus makes things new.
Led by Abby Rice, this seven-week small group will meet on Thursday Nights from 7:30-8:30pm ET beginning January 12th. 

Series Companion Small Group Resource

Our series companion includes discussion questions and other resources to be used in a group setting or on your own.

Supplemental Reading

The series companion follows along with the following resources (choose your preferred format):


*Sermon schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the pastors.