Take a few minutes to center yourself in Christ each day.

When Jesus leads us into a life like His, full of grace and truth, then everything can be different.

Has 2020 left you with more questions than answers? What if those questions present an opportunity to encounter God in different, fresh, or new ways?

Interested in learning more about the history, beliefs and practices of Christianity? This introductory course is for you!

Spritual discipleship for your kids, fun for the whole a box! Registration for the Lent Box is open until January 17th.

A powerful and uplifting reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Watch and share it again!

Join us for ten days of spreading light this season!

This year, we need more than the usual gifts of toys and treats; we need gifts that bring light into dark places!

Walk, jog, roll, or stroll your way to supporting some amazing mental health organizations!

Grab some friends and take steps - large and small - towards holistic health together this month.