Taking Small but Significant Steps toward Health

To address the challenges of anxiety, disconnectedness, isolation, and discouragement, let's take steps to become healthy together. For one month, take the opportunity to grow together in mind, body, and soul. Each week there will be new ways to take small but significant steps towards personal holistic health, as well as ways to engage with health in community. 

If you are looking for support beyond the scope of this month's Healthy Together programming please explore these mental health resources.

In this Together

Because trying new things and forming new habits is difficult, our best shot at success is to do this together! Form a Healthy Together pod of about 5-6 people for the sake of encouragement, support, and learning. The pods will have touchpoints throughout the month, and groups will be provided ways to engage and suggestions for weekly check-in questions to ask.


Read on for descriptions of the focus for each week as well as the weekly Steps to Health Challenge with suggestions for new practices or habits to integrate into your life. As an added bonus, use the images provided to share your new habit on social media, or print and hang it around the house to encourage others and hold yourself accountable!


This material is based on the program Healthy Together, which first debuted in November of 2020, and culminated in the Jog for Joy 5k. This program can be adapted for anyone looking to incorporate healthy habits into their life over the period of a month.