Lent Devotional 2023

Lent Devotional: Prayers of Solidarity

For your convenience, this lenten prayer devotional is also available in printer-friendly form


“All In: Luke 3:21” by Drew Jackson*

Solidarity is a beautiful thing.
Jumping into the same waters
as sisters and brothers
is harder than I realized.

No performative show,
this is incarnation-
baptism into human skin.
This is what it looks like to be all in.

This reflection guide can be used alongside the 2023 sermon series, “Warning Signs”, or on its own. The season of Lent invites us into an honest reection on our own mortality and limitations. Some of these we experience as a natural part of being human. However, there are also ways in which we and others suer because of systemic issues that oppress and marginalize as a means of controlling power. In this Lenten season, the intent of this guide is to help us engage prayerfully as a practice of solidarity. Rev. Dominique Gilliard, Director of Racial Righteousness and Reconciliation for the Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) initiative of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), explains solidarity as a choice to enter into the lived experience with the head, heart, and body, "we choose solidarity because we are one interconnected Body and because our Lord and Savior first chose solidarity with us in the incarnation. In solidarity, we strive towards realizing Cesar Chávez’s vision, that “we can bring the day when children will learn from their earliest days that being fully man and fully woman means to give one’s life to the liberation of the brother who suffers.”†

Solidarity doesn’t mean taking on someone else’s story or experience and co-opting it as your own personal struggle. It is a practice of humility in continual learning and giving of your time and energy for the sake of the thriving of the entire body of Christ. Solidarity takes place in one-on-one relationships, in community, and in prayer as we intentionally seek to expand our understanding beyond our personal lived experience.

Through the reflections that follow, you are encouraged to take an action step out of your time in prayer. Make note of these weekly and share them with a friend or with your small group to help you make changes to bring about liberation now and for future generations.