Listen with Curiosity

Listen with Curiosity

Do your tweens, teens, and young adults feel like a good talk for you means a long lecture for them? Check out this video to learn more about the resources below and then give them a try!

Meal Questions

Here’s a variety of questions ranging from silly to serious. Invite your teen or young adult to eat a favorite meal, snack, or dessert with you at home or at a restaurant and pick a few of these to engage with.

  1. Would you rather: sail an aircraft carrier or fly a space shuttle?
  2. What would you save first if the house caught on fire?
  3. What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?
  4. Where would you choose to travel if money were no obstacle?
  5. What has given the most meaning and purpose to your life so far?
  6. Who has a faith that you admire? What do you admire about them?
Movie Questions and Recommended Movies

Sometimes a movie can be a great conversation starter. Here are three recent movies to consider watching together, and a few follow-up questions to consider afterwards. 


Black Widow




Looking for something different? Check out the Growing With our Tweens, Teens, & Young Adults resources for even more ideas.