Welcome to Milestone 1: The Call and congratulations on the new addition to your family!  This Milestone is not only designed to prepare you for baptizing or dedicating your child, it is also the beginning of a journey of partnering together in raising up your new baby to love and serve the Lord!  So go ahead and read through the logistical details involved with getting ready for the baptism or dedication service. 

Three tips for getting the most out of Milestones

For this first Milestone, we’ve created material for you to listen to and then follow up discussion questions and activities to help you process and apply what you learn.  There is no exact way we expect you to use this material, but here are a few tips and suggestions.

We hope you enjoy this Milestone and gain lots of insight into your calling as a parent to be God’s instrument of truth and love in your new child’s life! If you have any questions as you get started on this journey to baptizing or dedicating your child please contact the Family Ministry Assistant, Jill Swilling, at jills@highrock.org


If you have any questions, please reach out to Family Ministry Administrator Jill Swilling at jills@highrock.org


Pro Tip: to download audio to your computer or mobile device, click on the three dots next to the audio progress bar and click "download". The Chrome browser works well for this!

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