This Milestone is a celebration centered around God’s Word and is geared toward second graders and any older elementary child who has not completed this Milestone previously. Knowing that many children learn to read by second grade, we want to present them with an age-appropriate Bible and give parents and kids the tools and encouragement to read it, study it, and live it out. To get started, we have two videos and various resources and challenges that families can do on their own, or with other parents and kids participating in this Milestone.

The Teaching Videos

Part 1 - For Parents/Guardians

Part 1 is for parents/guardians to watch first, on their own. It offers five goals for Biblical education and lays out an explanation of the various components of what the kids will be doing to prepare to receive their Bibles.  



Part 2 - For Parents/Guardians & Students

Part 2 is for parents/guardians to watch with their second grader (or older elementary students who may have missed it). Along with explaining why we value spiritual milestones as a whole, it will invite kids to participate in The Bible Challenge that involves reading and memorizing parts of Scripture.

The Bible Challenges


The Celebrations 

We have created two means of celebrating or marking this Milestone as a way of helping kids grasp the significance of this new gift in their life.  


Next Steps

After your child receives their Bible it can be hard to know where to start reading it. We offer a simple Bible reading plan and suggestions on how to make reading the Bible meaningful and applicable. 

We look forward to celebrating and equipping you in this Milestone as we partner together in raising a Jesus-loving generation.

Accompanying Resources

The following resources were highlighted in the videos and/or content shared above and are linked here again for easy access: 

If you have any questions, please contact the Pastor of Families, Brian Dietz at

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