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“This link is broken.” We’ve all gotten that frustrating website notification before. We wanted to get somewhere online, but a disconnection or error kept us from it. Broken links aren’t just an issue for web browsing though. They’re an issue for our relationships. God created us for healthy, encouraging, and meaningful relationships. And yet, this hope is often undermined by disconnection, error, misunderstanding, and more. But rather than simply cut one another off, God would have us learn how to fix these links and restore these connections. Join us for our fall sermon series Broken Links: God's Grace for Restoring Relationships as we look at several strained relationships in the Bible and consider how we might follow Jesus into repairing the broken links in our lives.

Series Companion Overview

This is a small group companion to Highrock’s Broken Links sermon series. It’s designed to be used with a small group but can also be used individually. Within the companion, you will find space each week for notes on the sermon and Scripture text, reflection questions, and prompts to discuss your reflection with others. Please note, there are several readings that may only be accessed by emailing These resources have been marked with an * (asterisk).

Sermon Schedule*

Week 1. Jacob & Esau (Genesis 25:19-34)
Week 2. Paul, Mark, & Barnabas (Acts 15.36-41)
Week 3. David & Nathan (2 Samuel 2:1-13a)
Week 4. Paul & Ananias (Acts 9:10-19)
Week 5. Mary & Martha (Luke 10:38-42)

*Sermon schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the pastor.

Assignments (with time estimates):

Prepare (Complete before 1st session)

  • READ: “Prepare” section on page 3 of this guide (3 minutes)
  • LISTEN: Gravity Leadership Podcast, How Attachment Theory Helps Us Live Our Faith (65 min)
  • READ: “Invitations from God” Chapter 1: Invitation to participate in my own healing* (30 min)


  • LISTEN: Link to the sermon (20 min)
  • REFLECT: Scripture, Emotion Inventory, and any additional reading/podcast (10-40 min)
  • RELATE: Discuss questions with your small group in person or online (60 min)
  • PRAY: Use the provided prayer prompt to close your group meeting (open-ended)

When considering the reflection questions, the goal is not to answer everything or have all the “right” answers―instead, let these questions serve as a starting point for curiosity in your conversation with God and others. See the Appendix of this guide for more resources and opportunities to engage with this study.


Weekly Reflections 



Below are a few resources to look into if you are interested in diving deeper into some of the topics covered in this series. If you need resources that more specifically address your own experience, demographic, or faith journey, please reach out to a Highrock pastor or to and we will be happy to help!