Resources tagged with: Small Groups

Resources tagged with:
Small Groups

How do we follow Christ's call for unity in an environment of isolation and mistrust?

These studies will help you explore different ways of engaging with the Bible while learning from the early church as recorded in the book of Acts.

In this video playlist you'll learn all about how to foster community and authenticity in a Small Group Bible study.

This study guide will take you (and some friends!) through the book of Ephesians chapter by chapter.

A discussion guide for reading Kristin Kobes Du Mez's book Jesus and John Wayne, which explores the intersections of patriarchy, racism, nationalism, and Christianity in the United States.

How do we shift the rhythms of our lives to slow down, be more present, and be more aware of God?

Harper's book serves as a sermon, a classroom, and a prophetic word that will offer a rich opportunity for discussion, sharing your own story, and personal transformation.

Videos and course materials for the Black Theology course, exploring the faith experiences of Black Americans.

Learn about the history of Asian Americans in this in-depth course.

The Christian Story course videos and accompanying discussion guide will help explain how the Bible tells one unified and incredible story of God's love!

Guiding individuals and Small Groups through the Lenten season through sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

God is forgetful? And can be persuaded? This enlightening sermon series will focus on seven surprising characterisitcs of God.

In this sermon series we're going all the way back to the beginning - to Genesis - to learn what it means that God made our bodies "good".

Explore the six Affirmations of the Covenant and how they set a new pattern for how to do church.

Use this series companion to take a closer look at our church's foundational values in the sermon series Constant .

A study guide and sermon series companion to study the book of Jonah in a Small Group setting.

Here are supporting resources for studying the book of Jonah on your own or in a Small Group setting.

Reflection questions to accompany this sermon series about John 4 and Jesus' encounter with a woman at a well.