Resources tagged with: Bible Study

Resources tagged with:
Bible Study

Take a few minutes to center yourself on Christ each day.

This study guide will take you (and some friends!) through the book of Ephesians chapter by chapter.

How do we shift the rhythms of our lives to slow down, be more present, and be more aware of God?

Are you a Japanese speaker living in America? We offer a host program to get to know new friends and English language classes for Japanese speakers in our community!

The Bible was intended to be read in a community of Christians who preserve the memory of what God has been doing and saying for generations, so that it can be understood fully. Here are some resources that we have found valuable for both Small Group and personal Bible study.

The Christian Story course videos and accompanying discussion guide will help explain how the Bible tells one unified and incredible story of God's love!

In this sermon series we're going all the way back to the beginning - to Genesis - to learn what it means that God made our bodies "good".

Explore the six Affirmations of the Covenant and how they set a new pattern for how to do church.

A study guide and sermon series companion to study the book of Jonah in a Small Group setting.

Here are supporting resources for studying the book of Jonah on your own or in a Small Group setting.

Here you will find a discussion guide and materials to study the Gospel of John, as a companion to the Grace & Truth: Jesus Changes Everything sermon series (Winter 2021).

Here you'll find space to record your notes and reflections from the Lent 2021 sermon series through the Gospel of John, and discussion questions for use in a Small Group setting.

Pull up a seat and join us as we explore six significant meals from the Bible.

Training materials for discussion facilitators! Practical tips and nuanced advice. Great for any leader.

Examine and share your experiences, perceptions, and questions about life and following Jesus within a trusted group.