Resources tagged with: Highrock Distinctives

Resources tagged with:
Highrock Distinctives

Have questions about baptism, dedication or confirmation? Here's all you need to know about Highrock's beliefs and practices.

The vision, values and operating principles that our church is based upon.

Thoughts from Pastor Dave Swaim on following Jesus in the 2020 presidential election.

The word evangelicalism has become charged over the years in America. What does it mean for Christians today to use this word?

Supporting Highrock's journey towards justice, inclusion and equity for all.

Highrock's communication hub! Sign-up today!

How can we be a Christian community in a time of growing divisions? Find out in this course!

Use this series companion to take a closer look at our church's foundational values in the sermon series Constant .

Book an appointment with our Spritual Guides who will listen without judgement and help you discern how God may be speaking.

A great introduction to our church’s historical and spiritual roots in the Pietist movement.