Resources tagged with: Milestones Curriculum

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Milestones Curriculum

Have questions about baptism, dedication or confirmation? Here's all you need to know about Highrock's beliefs and practices.

This Milestone is not only designed to prepare you for baptizing or dedicating your child, it is also the beginning of a journey of partnering together in raising up your new baby to love and serve the Lord!

The Blessing is all about giving the gift of unconditional love and acceptance, serving as God's conduit to express the love He has for our kids.

For parents/guardians of preschoolers looking to biblically discipline their children with the goal of making them disciples.

This seminar for parents of kindergarteners highlights ways to make God the Big Rock in your family.

Use these materials to prepare your child for taking communion when they are ready.

This Milestone is a celebration centered around God’s Word and your student's ability to connect with God through reading the Bible for him or herself.

This milestone teaches middle schoolers and their families about their role in the Church, both locally and globally.