Resources tagged with: Racial Justice

Resources tagged with:
Racial Justice

Hear how Black women experience and navigate conflict, and seek to be healthy in white spaces. Their insights may offer a way forward for everyone when it comes to living in deep relationship with others.

A discussion guide for reading Kristin Kobes Du Mez's book Jesus and John Wayne, which explores the intersections of patriarchy, racism, nationalism, and Christianity in the United States.

Join Highrock Pastors Kat Hampson, Dave Swaim and Deandre Dukes join Revelation 7 faculty member Richard Lee to explore the differences and similarities between the experiences of Black Americans and Asian Americans in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Supporting Highrock's journey towards justice, inclusion and equity for all.

Want to take steps to support your mental health but feel overwhelmed at the prospect? Start here.

An extensive list of racial justice resources for every group to read, watch, and listen.

Videos and course materials for the Black Theology course, exploring the faith experiences of Black Americans.

Learn about the history of Asian Americans in this in-depth course.

Co-founder of Boston Collaborative and Revelation 7 faculty member Jua Robinson leads a tour of a historically black neighborhood in the Greater Boston area.

Author and historian Aaron Griffith explains the history of American Christian understandings of law-and-order politics and its relevance to questions of racial justice today.

Dr. Kellie Carter-Jackson tackles questions about violence and protests in relation to history and race in America. First aired June 16, 2020.