Resources tagged with: Social Justice

Resources tagged with:
Social Justice

How do we follow Christ's call for unity in an environment of isolation and mistrust?


Brené Brown is a social worker, researcher, PhD, and explorer of all things human and feelings like courage, vulnerability, and shame. Her TEDtalk is one of the top-viewed videos!

Daring Greatly , one of her three New

A discussion guide for reading Kristin Kobes Du Mez's book Jesus and John Wayne, which explores the intersections of patriarchy, racism, nationalism, and Christianity in the United States.


We all want to slow down, be more present, and be more aware of God. It sounds nice, but how do we actually shift the rhythms of our lives in a meaningful and sustainable way? Ruth Haley Barton's book Sacred Rhythms examines how to find and access

Harper's book serves as a sermon, a classroom, and a prophetic word that will offer a rich opportunity for discussion, sharing your own story, and personal transformation.

Supporting Highrock's journey towards justice, inclusion and equity for all.

An extensive list of racial justice resources for every group to read, watch, and listen.

Videos and course materials for the Black Theology course, exploring the faith experiences of Black Americans.

Co-founder of Boston Collaborative and Revelation 7 faculty member Jua Robinson leads a tour of a historically black neighborhood in the Greater Boston area.

Author and historian Aaron Griffith explains the history of American Christian understandings of law-and-order politics and its relevance to questions of racial justice today.

Dr. Kellie Carter-Jackson tackles questions about violence and protests in relation to history and race in America. First aired June 16, 2020.