Resources tagged with: Spiritual Practices

Resources tagged with:
Spiritual Practices

These studies will help you explore different ways of engaging with the Bible while learning from the early church as recorded in the book of Acts.

Have questions about baptism, dedication or confirmation? Here's all you need to know about Highrock's beliefs and practices.

Experience the gift of confession today.

Take a few minutes to center yourself on Christ each day.

Use this simple tool to help identify feelings and emotions you're experiencing.

How do we shift the rhythms of our lives to slow down, be more present, and be more aware of God?

Practices and language to help you grow your prayer life!

The Bible was intended to be read in a community of Christians who preserve the memory of what God has been doing and saying for generations, so that it can be understood fully. Here are some resources that we have found valuable for both Small Group and personal Bible study.

Sometimes trying a new spiritual pratice can infuse our faith with new vigor. These videos created by the Soul Care Team introduce spirtitual practices to bring us closer to God!

Hand-picked experiences to engage with God - wherever the summer takes you!

Visio Divina is the practice of using what we see or experience around us to lead us into prayer and awareness of our Creator.

A tool to teach you how to write prayers in the style of a biblical psalm.