Lost: Where the Church Went Wrong | 6 of 6

The High Priestly Prayer

Prashan De Visser
March 28, 2021
Series Description

By some measures, the American church is more successful than ever. Money. Political influence. Bursting sanctuaries. But in another sense, the church is poorer than it has ever been. What we have gained in political and financial power, we have forfeited in spiritual power. We are lost, and far from Jesus’ vision for His Church. In our Lenten sermon series Lost: Where The Church Went Wrong, we'll examine the long-ignored instructions Jesus gave the Church - instructions that could have set us on a much different path if only we had followed them more faithfully. Jesus intended for us to be on a path that leads to humility, dependence upon God, blessing to others, and ultimately to new life. Our hope is that by confessing where we went wrong, Jesus would lead us back to where we always should have been.

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