Grace & Truth: Jesus Changes Everything | 4 of 6

Moments to Movements

Walt Quick
January 31, 2021
Series Description

We are all coming off of a challenging year. 2020 brought a pandemic, a racial reckoning, deep political division, and great loss for many. There is a lot that we want to be different in 2021. But where do we start? What do we really need to bring about the right kind of change? The Gospel writer John tells us that Jesus came into the world “full of grace and truth”.  Grace that brings healing and hope to those struggling. Truth that helps us faithfully respond to the needs around us. When Jesus leads us into a life like His, full of grace and truth, then everything can be different. We invite you to start your new year with us in this exciting journey through the Gospel of John.

Tools for keeping track of your notes and reflecting on the content of each sermon as well as discussion questions useful for a Small Group setting can be found in the John Companion study guide. 

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