Young Marrieds Community

Common Themes

This is a group for young married (and engaged) couples looking to connect with those in a similar lifestage. Learning to navigate the challenges and joys of a new marriage and/or children, and the desire to build a strong foundation of love and respect are common themes for most in the early years of marriage. As a community, we support and encourage each other in these pursuits by gathering for social events and discussions that allow us to connect on relevant topics of faith, life, and marriage. 

How is "Young Married" Defined?

Wondering who is a Young Married? While we allow you to determine that, group members range from engaged couples to folks who have been married for around ten years. Be on the lookout for our online Desserts & Discussion events, which are a great way to meet other folks at Highrock, especially if you’re looking for community and have little ones at home. We look forward to meeting you!

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