Giving is a Worshipful Response to God

Christ gave everything in order to free us so that we could truly live. In turn, we respond with graciousness and generosity, giving not because we have to, but because we get to. Highrock believes there are endless ways to give, and therefore to bless others. 



God, the true owner of everything, gives us tangible resources that we are called to steward. If you would like to financially support Highrock, we have listed the options in our preferred order (with those incurring the least fees first).


Other Financial Gifts


Good to Know

  • It is Highrock’s policy that we do not accept earmarked, designated, or restricted gifts. We do this to protect our ability to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the Highrock community and its partners.

  • At this time, we do not offer direct ACH deposit into our account. Please use one of the above options to set up an automatic donation.

  • Here at Highrock the Finance Director, Executive Director, Council Treasurer, Database Master Administrator, and Senior Pastor are the only ones who have access to individual giving records. We believe limiting this financial access protects the other pastors and staff from having unintentional bias or being preferential in their care and ministry.

Giving Statements

You can securely check your personal giving history and download giving statements for tax reporting on MyRock, our communications hub. There you can also manage your communication preferences, update your personal profile, and connect with other Highrockers on the regional Community and Housing Boards.

Check Your Giving History 

Once you've logged in to MyRock, head to "My Giving" on the left sidebar. There you'll see three tabs, including your giving history and any pledges you've made.

New to MyRock?

If you would like to join MyRock, fill out this short form and a secure profile will be created for you within a few business days. 


Questions About Giving to Highrock?  

Please e-mail our Finance Director, Shawn Evans, at


Time & Talents

Another way to show generosity is by lending your time and talents to further God's Kingdom. There are only so many hours in a day; how is God leading you to use your time? In what ways has God uniquely gifted you?

Several groups are currently meeting to work toward social justice or to volunteer their time to meet practical, social, and spiritual needs. Check out our Communities to find a group that shares your interest, or sign up to volunteer in your region on the Help & Support page. 

Not sure where to start? Reach out to Pastor Kim at to talk through current ways to offer your unique gifts.

Thank you for supporting our ministry!