Three Levels of Participation

All are welcome to worship with us community, and we've identified three basic levels of participation for those who do. 

Better Together: Joining the Highrock Family

Becoming a member of our church family is open to baptized believers who have attended a membership class to learn about Highrock's vision, values, and mission. This 90-minute class, called Better Together: Joining the Highrock Family is offered several times a year. Check the calendar for the next offering, or reach out to Pastor Meghan at

Preparation for the Class

In preparation for the Better Together class, please read Highrock's constitution, which expresses Highrock's vision, values, and operating principles. Review the document prior to class, and find something that interests you or about which you have a question so that we can discuss it together.

Family Membership Renewal

We consider Family members to be the body of Christ at Highrock. Like a physical body, our hope is that the church body is healthy, holy, and active. As you connect with God personally, we encourage you to share your spiritual journey with others through Community Groups, Ministries, and Small Groups. In addition, we ask Family members to take time out of their busy lives at least once a year to consider their spiritual health and chat with a pastor, ministry staff, or Highrock Guide. These low-pressure, confidential meetings take about an hour, and must be completed once a year to remain an active, voting member.


To ask about classes or the meaning of church Family, Friend, or Guest, contact Pastor Meghan at

To check membership status, contact Membership Coordinator, Katie Vogele-Bongiovanni, at