One of the deepest ways to get connected at Highrock is by becoming a member. Membership is a formal commitment to Highrock's vision and mission. Becoming a member is saying, "This is my church and I'm committed to it." While we have many guests to our church, members are those who are the hosts of their church home. Members are the "owners" of the church and are eligible to vote on church-wide matters and hold certain leadership positions.

Become a Member

Membership is open to baptized believers who have attended a membership class where you learn about Highrock's vision and its relationship to Boston and our denomination. Membership classes are offered several times a year.

Preparation for the Class

In preparation for the Membership Class, please complete these two readings:

Highrock Church Distinctives

Highrock's constitution expresses Highrock's vision, values, and operating principles. Please review the document prior to class, and find something that interests you or about which you have a question so that we can discuss it together.

Denominational Distinctives of the Evangelical Covenant Church

Highrock is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). Please explore the ECC's website to familiarize yourself with the denomination. Find something that interests you or about which you have a question, and bring your comments or concerns for discussion.

Membership Renewal

Members are the body of Christ at Highrock. Like a physical body, our hope is that the church body is healthy, holy, and active. As you connect with God personally, we encourage you to share your spiritual journey with others through Community Groups, Ministries, and Small Groups. In addition, we ask members to take time out of your busy lives at least once a year to consider your spiritual health and chat with a spiritual leader or Guide about how you are doing. These low-pressure, confidential meetings take about an hour, and must be completed once a year to remain an active, voting member.

Once you have completed your renewal meeting, be sure to let us know by completing the Renewal Confirmation form. 

Step 1: Set Up A Meeting

There are several avenues for completing your annual membership renewal meeting. You may reach out directly to pastoral staff or a trained Small Group leader to set up a meeting for your renewal conversation. You may also sign up here to meet with the Highrock Spiritual Guides.

Step 2: Prepare for Your Meeting

To prepare for your meeting, you will fill out a brief questionnaire that helps you consider several aspects of your spiritual health.

When you make an appointment with the Guides, this renewal questionnaire will be automatically sent to you and your Guides. When meeting with pastoral staff or a Small Group leader, fill out the renewal questionnaire below and it will be forwarded to them.  

Please complete your Renewal Questionnaire at least 5 days prior to your meeting so that it can be reviewed ahead of time.

Step 3: Let Us Know You've Completed Your Renewal

After you've completed your renewal meeting, please let us know by filling out the renewal confirmation form so that we may update our records.


To ask about classes or the meaning of membership, contact Pastor of Welcome, Kim Roberts, at

To check membership status, contact Membership Coordinator, Katie Vogele-Bongiovanni, at