Welcome to the Advent Family Bag - A Family Discipleship Experience!

We are excited to partner with you on the journey of raising a Jesus-loving generation during this season of Advent. The 2021 Advent Family Bag includes weekly Advent activities for families with kids (preschool through Middle School) as well as special Christmas and Post-Christmas family activities. Week One of the Advent Bag starts on Sunday, November 28th. In order to prepare well for the month, check out the Home Supplies list to make sure you have everything you need to participate fully with in of the suggested activities. 

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Weekly Advent Experiences

Each week of Advent (Week One begins on Sunday, November 28th) we invite you to gather your family together and follow along with the weekly guide and activities.Together we will explore "What Christmas Means to Me" and learn about how different cultures and traditions from around the globe can help us see and understand Christmas more deeply. We'll specifically look at singing, food, gifts, story-telling, and lights, and the meanings behind them, based on various cultures and Scriptural reflections. 


Christmas Family Experience

Throughout Advent we explore “What Christmas Means to Me”.  We look at the food, songs, gifts, stories and lights that Christians from around the world and in our own country use to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  With the Christmas Family Experience we put all those together for a Christmas celebration.

Post-Christmas Family Experience

The Twelve Days of Christmas is more than just a Christmas song about a partridge in a pear tree. It’s actually a season (similar to Advent) that starts with Christmas Day and continues for 12 days until January 6th, when we celebrate the Epiphany - the visit of the Three Kings. In this Post-Christmas Family Experience, we provide 12 simple family activities and related Bible verses, one for each day, to continue to celebrate all God has given and to continue to reflect on all the traditions we’ve learned about throughout Advent.

Supplies List

While many supplies are provided in the Advent Family Bag there are some items not provided, such as crayons, markers, scissors, and paper. If you have an Advent Family Bag check out this Home Supplies list to be prepared for the suggested activities. If you did not purchase an Advent Bag but would like to try to recreate some of the activities on your own, you can find an exhaustive supply list here. 


Questions? Contact Family Ministry Assistant, Jill Swilling, at jills@highrock.org