Welcome to the debut of the Kidsrock Family Box - A Family Discipleship Experience. We are glad to partner with you on the journey of raising a Jesus-loving generation. The Kidsrock Family Box is a seasonal (approximately every 2 months) box that includes activities for kids and families (as well as encouragement for parents!) that correlate to the Kidsrock at Home lessons.

Start here to watch a video explanation of how to use the box and its contents!

Early Childhood Resources

Elementary Resources

Family Night Resources

Supply List

The Box contains all of the instructions and many of the supplies you will need for this journey, but there may be some things that just can’t fit into a box - like ice cream and music! Please refer to this list for additional items to have on hand over the next two months.


Printed materials are found in the box, but we understand that having kids sometimes means papers get ripped, spilled on, or “eaten by the dog!” Here are some of the pdfs if you need to print additional copies. If you need something not listed here please contact Jill Swilling (jills@highrock.org)