Learn with Humility

Good teachers have to be good learners first. The resources here are designed to teach you about adolescence. Check out the video below to learn more.

Recognizing Life's Changing Phases

Do you ever wonder what motivates your tween, teen, or young adult?  Might it be helpful to understand the key questions that your child is asking at different ages? What about the changes you can expect developmentally and the role you can play as you walk through these stages with them?  

These short videos have been created by Orange to give an overview of the typical attributes of each phase of your child from 4th - 12th grade, and the spiritual opportunities that exist as a result. 
Email: brian@highrock.org for the password to access them.

Recommended Reads

The following are favorite books that Brian, Michael, and James recommend for helping you learn more about loving, relating to, and discipling your tweens, teens, and young adults.

Brian’s Rec


Michael's Rec


James's Rec


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