Attending to the Presence of God

We are all made uniquely by our Creator, so there is no one-prayer-style-fits-all way to connect with God. Instead, we have abundant permission to be creative in our prayer lives. The hope is that these resources will be a jumping off point, offering practices and language to help expand your frameworks and language around prayer. 

Our Image of God

Often, our feelings about prayer can be impacted by our image of God. Is your picture of God aligned with who you know the Creator to truly be? Is it a portrait of a judging presence who you need to impress, or of a God who loves and welcomes you? Be curious about how you portray God in your mind and how that ties into your desire to trust, open your heart, or share your thoughts with God in prayer.

Being Present to God's Love

Our prayer lives will go through seasons, ebbing and flowing, sometimes quiet and at other times vocal. Prayer as a practice is not about producing or inciting feelings, but about being present to God’s love. Instead of seeing it as an obligation that needs to be checked off our to-do lists, Pastor Michelle Sanchez suggests that, “prayer is an adventure”. It can change and transform us!

For More Help

Prayer is an important part of living out our faith and can help us endure rough times. However, the challenges of mental illness, trauma, and other life situations may also benefit from the help of a counselor or therapist. If you would like to be connected to additional resources, please reach out to Ministry Director Abby Rice at, or browse our curated list of mental health resources.

How Can We Be Praying With You?

If you would like our team to be praying with you, send your prayer requests to You can also let us know if you'd like us to follow-up with you - and the best way to do so.


Learn About & Practice Prayer


Prayer Amidst the Ordinary

Much of life is made up of what is ordinary and routine. These practices are simple and travel well through day-to-day life:

Connect Through Movement

Adjusting our body's posture, arms, hands, and head can shift our hearts and minds into a mode of prayer. Although you can certainly pray while sitting, standing, lying down, or kneeling, some find that moving while praying is more helpful for connection than staying still. A few ideas to try are the palms down/palms up method and walking prayer.

Connect Through Music

Singing or listening to music — Christian or secular — can connect us with language, thoughts, and feelings for which we may not have the words as we pray. What music do you connect with? How might it engage you in prayer?

Connect Through Your Imagination or Senses

Visio Divina is the practice of using what we see or experience around us to lead us into prayer and awareness of our Creator. This practice could also be applied to your other senses. 

Connecting Through Scripture & Other Written Prayers

Praying God’s Word is an ancient practice of looking to Scripture to facilitate prayer. In Scripture, we see how others have turned to God to lament, rejoice, and give thanks. When we cannot find the words, seeing how others have cried out to God can be a blessing to us.

Much like praying the Scriptures, pre-written prayers can help guide us when we feel at a loss for words.

Community Prayer & Praying with Others

Our God is a three-in-one God, so when we pray, even by ourselves, we are in community. But prayer with other people is also an important part of being in the family of God. When we pray with others it brings unity, hope, and encouragement, and diversifies our own prayers. It allows us to witness how God is active in other lives and stories. Deuteronomy 4:7 says, “What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him?” When we, as a family of faith, pray together, God comes near.


Stories of Prayer in Real Life

Here are some Highrockers' stories about their struggles and pathways for incorporating prayer into their lives. 


Reflections on Prayer