Series Companion for Deep Water (Book of Jonah): Further Resources

Study Resources

  1. Jonah Study Companion: Highrock's workbook for weekly sermon reflection, with Scripture passages and discussion questions
  2. (optional) Rediscovering Jonah by Tim Keller

Sermon Titles* and Accompanying Verses

Beginning September 9th, 2020

  1. Running from God (1:1-3a) & The World’s Storms (1:3b-4)
  2. Who Is My Neighbor (1:5-6) & Embracing the Other (1:7-10) Part 1
  3. Who Is My Neighbor (1:5-6) & Embracing the Other (1:7-10) Part 2
  4. The Pattern of Love (1:11-17)
  5. Running from Grace (1:17-2:10)
  6. Justice and Wrath (3:1-10) Part 1
  7. Justice and Wrath (3:1-10) Part 2
  8. Election Week*
  9. Heart Storms (4:1-4)
  10.  Character of Compassion (4:4-11)

*Sermon titles and topics are subject to adjustment.

Write Out Jonah

Writing out Scripture can help you slow down and notice things that may not have otherwise stood out to you. We recommend that you write out a portion of a chapter of Jonah each week. Below are the total number of verses per chapter so you can plan out your writing schedule. 

Spiritual Practices to Accompany Bible Study

As you commit to a new study, it can be helpful to begin new spiritual practices as well. Below are two practices that assist with integrating Scripture reading and prayer into your daily life.