Series Companion for The Hopes & Fears of All the Years: Advent 2022

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What do you need to know about something in order to believe in it? Is it important that it is historical and factual? Does it need to be authentic and free of pretense? Should something bring about goodness and justice in the world? Does it need to be beautiful and inclusive? When it comes to believing in something - especially something as significant as Christmas - we all have a question that matters the most to us. And we’re not alone in asking it, either. This Advent, you are invited to join us as we consider how four significant questions have been engaged throughout the generations. In answering them, we will consider how Christmas addresses both our deepest fears and our greatest hopes!

Resource Overview

This is a small group companion to Highrock’s Advent sermon series The Hopes and Fears of All the Years. It’s designed to be used with a small group, but it can also be used individually. Within the companion, you will find space each week for notes on the sermon and Scripture text, reflection questions, and prompts to discuss your reflections with others. 


Reflection Questions




Below are a few resources to look into if you are interested in diving deeper into some of the topics covered in this series. If you need resources that more specifically address your own experience, demographic, or faith journey, please reach out to a Highrock pastor or to and we will be happy to help!