Resources tagged with: Self Care

Resources tagged with:
Self Care

Need help? Want to help? Highrock is connecting people to ways to give and receive care during this quarantine period.

Use this simple tool to help identify feelings and emotions you're experiencing.

How do we shift the rhythms of our lives to slow down, be more present, and be more aware of God?

This emotional accountability form is used by the Restored and Free Ministry for those seeking healing from sexual and relational brokenness. Email if you are interested in learning more.

An invitation to unlearn some unhealthy habits so that something truly transformative can be learned in its place.

A month-long program to take steps towards improved mental health!

Pastors Meghan, John, and Walt tackle questions about the relationship between the physical body and spiritual life.

A panel of pastors and other Highrockers discuss destigmatizing mental health issues and how to create a supportive Christian community.

Pastors Meghan, Ryan, and Walt explain why mental health is critical to spirituality and relationships.

Pastors Deandre and Walt reflect on the need for regular rhythms of rest in our lives.

Pastors Meghan and Walt talk with ministry leaders Carolyn and Michael about critical and sometimes mysterious topic of the soul.

Want to take steps to support your mental health but feel overwhelmed at the prospect? Start here.

Practices and language to help you grow your prayer life!

Let's take a closer look at some strained relationships from the Bible and consider how to follow Jesus into repairing the broken links in our lives.

Sometimes trying a new spiritual pratice can infuse our faith with new vigor. These videos created by the Soul Care Team introduce spirtitual practices to bring us closer to God!

Hand-picked experiences to engage with God - wherever the summer takes you!

Worship Director Kelly Shea teaches us some best practies for engaging well in online community!

A tool to teach you how to write prayers in the style of a biblical psalm.