Resources tagged with: Sermon Discussion

Resources tagged with:
Sermon Discussion

These studies will help you explore different ways of engaging with the Bible while learning from the early church as recorded in the book of Acts.

God is forgetful? And can be persuaded? This enlightening sermon series will focus on seven surprising characterisitcs of God.

In this sermon series we're going all the way back to the beginning - to Genesis - to learn what it means that God made our bodies "good".

Let's take a closer look at some strained relationships from the Bible and consider how to follow Jesus into repairing the broken links in our lives.

Explore the six Affirmations of the Covenant and how they set a new pattern for how to do church.

Use this series companion to take a closer look at our church's foundational values in the sermon series Constant .

A study guide and sermon series companion to study the book of Jonah in a Small Group setting.

Here are supporting resources for studying the book of Jonah on your own or in a Small Group setting.

Reflection questions to accompany this sermon series about John 4 and Jesus' encounter with a woman at a well.

Here you will find a discussion guide and materials to study the Gospel of John, as a companion to the Grace & Truth: Jesus Changes Everything sermon series (Winter 2021).

A companion to the 2020 Advent sermon series, use these materials to foster rich discussion in a Small Group setting.

Here you'll find space to record your notes and reflections from the Lent 2021 sermon series through the Gospel of John, and discussion questions for use in a Small Group setting.

Pull up a seat and join us as we explore six significant meals from the Bible.

In this series we ponder the opportunity to reimagine our lives and recreate healthy rhythms. Find reflection questions and a discussion guide here!

This series explores how Easter is more than a once-a-year celebration - it changes everything!

A companion to the 2021 Advent sermon series that highlights how Christmas truly is good tidings of great joy for ALL people!

Watch or listen to sermons from our searchable archive right here on the website - or download to your device and listen later!

Examine and share your experiences, perceptions, and questions about life and following Jesus within a trusted group.